Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need a "TWIC CARD; What is a "TWIC CARD"?
(A) This is a "Transportation Workers Identification Card." As of 19 December 2011 all new applicants for a merchant mariner license must hold a valid TWIC card. Anyone renewing their captain's license must show a valid or expired copy of their TWIC card.. See above for renewal information. For more information:

2. In Florida, does a charter boat need a state fishing license?
(A.) YES.
*Four (4) or less customers/*Five (5) to ten (10) customers
*Contact your local county tax collectors office for the current fishing license fee

3. Does my original Coast Guard License need to be aboard while I’m chartering?
(A.) YES, the C.F.R. states that the original must be in your possession.

4. What about Life Jackets?
(A.) You need a type I, with reflective tape. Inshore, offshore the same plus a personal floatation device light that is C.G. approved under sub. part 161.012, C.F.R. sub chapter C /un-inspected vessels Part 25.25-13 A & B states very clearly that if you are operating beyond the shoreline (meaning coastwise and oceans) you are required to have this light on each personal floatation device (P.F.D.).

5. Renewal of Licenses:
(A.) Your CG Captain's License expires in 5 years. You renew by mail. Remember, the Coast Guard DOES NOT notify you, it's up to you to do it! CLICK FOR INFORMATION AND DETAILS ON RENEWING YOUR LICENSE.

6. Do I need to belong to a drug consortium?
(A.) Yes, CFR 46, Part 16,16.23 points that out.;

7. What about boat and liability insurance?
(A.) Some captain's don't have any! But, the SMART THING to do is to contact a "Marine Insurance" company for coverage at a fair price that will suit your needs.

Stay Safe and Have Fun Boating!

Captain Mike Adams